Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Benefits of Parky

I have been reading the comments that people have left on this blog and I want to thank every one of you. I must admit there are times when I wonder have I now rattled on long enough is it time to bring an end to My Mate Parky? I also want to apologies for not replying too many of you.
I started writing this in October 2010.My reason was to get all the things that were building up inside my head out. Have I done that well I can’t say I have, as one thing gets sorted something else manages to slide its way in.
In some ways having Parkinson’s has enhanced my life, I help with my local group and can number among my friends some very special people.
Would I have gone to China last year and Peru this if the threat of how I might be in the future wasn’t hanging over me? I think they would have always stayed on my wish list and what a great experience I would have missed.
I would not have done my sky dive which even now brings a smile to my face,
Thursday I am organizing a stall at a local charity afternoon tea, so instead of being in by myself I shall be hoping to meet fellow Parkie‘s or anyone who wants to know something about us.
I am ever so slowly admitting I have Parkinson’s and please can I have some help, I have told someone very close to me that complaining to me just sets me off and if they really want me to visit they will have to be more positive. To be around negative people is the worst thing a Parkie person can do.
I still stay up a bit longer than I should; I still try to do things by myself because that’s what I have always done. Then I tell other not to be so independent, to ask me if they want help.
But then again is that what I would be without Parky by my side, I expect that is just how I would be but without the excuses that Parky gives me.
That means that for the moment I will carry on blogging, even if no one reads it, who knows one day I might find I have got my head around My Mate Parky

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