Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sleep me Better

Hi it’s been a while since I did a Parky Blog, I have not felt like putting what I feel into words.
I am waiting for an appointment with a different neurologist and now realise that my appointment with the one I’m with is due. Do I cancel or will I end up not seeing anyone at all.
I really want to sort out my pills and seem to be thinking of nothing else. Then to finish things off when I picked up my prescription I have been given a different brand of Ropinirole, instead of Requip I have something called Ralnea which is the one that I was on when I thought I was going downhill fast.
I just think BUM I can’t be bothered to fight another chemist.
I can’t be bothered to fight at all, perhaps I need another holiday. Tropical skies, bowls of fresh fruit, long cool drinks and pills all sorted.
Parky has been around a bit lately, perhaps more than I myself realise.  It’s not until my friend asks me if I’m feeling better and says she was a bit worried about me that I admit to myself that perhaps I was not up to Par.
I do tend to lock myself away and sleep away my troubles.
So good night all I feel sleep coming on.


  1. Here's hoping things are looking better and that you will keep the appointment and just be honest with your feelings. Tell the doctor that you are going to check things out with another neurologist to get more feedback, if you want. And know you are not the only one of us who has these ups and downs ..... and those darn medications can certainly play havoc when not adjusted properly. Keep your sunny side up.....so enjoy checking in with you and want to hear you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you I very much appreciate your advice, you certainly made me stop and think.
      I needed a boot up the BUM.

  2. I just started reading your post...find them very interesting and can relate...for me a battle to get the right balance of meds and know I must reduce stress but that's another battle.