Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bit of a Yoyo Time

My reduction of my Requip has not gone as smooth as I would have liked. I came down reasonably easy the first two weeks and was quite confident to attempt the third week. I had been dropping 2mg at a time, so I was down to ten. Oh boy that was Parky’s delight he came dropping in like a bomb.
I was so stiff that even with the help of the extra in my other pills I was not coping at all, scared the sh-t out of me. I even had to ask number one daughter to help me off with my bathing costume when we went swimming.
My arms were made of lead and doing small tasks was made so difficult, as I was going away for a couple of days I had to give in and go back to 12mg.
BUM BUM BUM, I just hate the fact that Parky has got such a hold on me, if for some reason I couldn’t get my pills what would happen to me???????????????
The good news is that I am back to being a lot more frugal to the extent that I am starting to worry about the amount of money I have frittered away over the last few years.
I am now being extra careful and at the moment living out of the freezer and the cupboard; it will be concoction time again. When I put a plate of food on the table and say you haven’t had this before and you will probably never get it again as I won’t remember what went in it. Well I have had some cracking meals made this way.
So the quandary is do I stay at 12mg for a few more weeks or do I try again before I see my neurologist?

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