Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is That a Light I Can See?

I have I think started to get used to the drop in medication, was a bit worried when I started to get stiff quite often.
Every ache and pain was the fault of the change in pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there were the times that I had to put my dressing gown on after a shower as my hands didn’t seem to be able to use the towel to dry me. (Oh the frustration)
My friend told me that I looked ill which was very nice of her; and even said her mum had made the same comment when she had seen me. She was very concerned that I was dropping the Requip a little bit too fast (I am back down to 10mg). I value her input as she went with me to the Neurologist as a backup memory, I have taken what she said on board and so I am putting off dropping down to 8mg. So thank you J for keeping your beady eye on me I sure need it.
I am meeting a friend this weekend so want to be able to manage the train journey I also don’t want her to spend the weekend looking after me.
Today I feel a lot more alert, have taken my pills when the alarm on my watch beep beeps. I went to bed before midnight last night and went to sleep.
But most exciting of all I started doing things around the bungalow and forgot to turn the computer on. WOW.
You will notice that it doesn’t take much to excite me.
I am now quite happy to be single and in charge of the remote control in fact instead of spending time on the computer I have been watching some of programs that I had sky +.
I have treated myself to a heated under blanket for my bed, wow what luxury, so off to bed early nice and toasty.
Well what about Parkie?
He doesn’t feel such a threat at the moment; I know that I have good people around me my family my friends and a consultant plus Parkinson’s nurse  who are I know I can talk to.

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