Sunday, 21 October 2012

Neurologist then Mr Sedaka

Last Tuesday it was my second visit to my new Neurologist, he gives me a feeling of complete confidence.
I was weighed and had my blood pressure done which I don’t remember happening to me before. I realised that he was watching me from the minute he saw me and was aware of everything.
Medication has been tweaked a bit more so let’s hope things will get a bit easier. I am also pleased to say I drove the 30 odd miles to see him and felt great.
I was good though I let my friend drive back I know she likes to get behind the wheel of my car. My car has smart unlocking which means as long as I have the key about my person or in my bag it will open, so it is a bit of a joke between us that I let her drive but don’t let her have the keys.
Well Thursday I gave in and gave her the spare key the least I could do as we went to Nottingham to see NEIL SEDAKA wow and an extra WOW. It was a great concert, the supporting act was probably no the right one and I think people were getting a bit restless but as soon as Neil came on the atmosphere was electric.
He sang all the songs that I had rock and rolled to way back in the 60’s. Oh Carol, Happy birthday sweet 16, and Calendar girl just three of a long list that brings back so many memories. His new stuff is just as good and of course I bought a C.D.
We had a great time, why has it taken me until I’m nearly 65 to go to a concert? I want more.
I sat next to a very nice man but true to my drop in Requip I didn’t get involved, not much flirting and I didn’t even find out his name.  
When I was at the neurologist he said I had lost weight and he thought I should try to put it back on again about half a stone. I quite like myself a bit slimmer so to go to the concert I dug out a dress that I have only wore a couple of times as it was a bit tight and it fitted. The daft thing is that the zip is in the side and as it has short sleeves and is very,very fitted it’s not the easiest of dresses to get on. That also makes it not the easiest to get off.
It was a good job my friend and I were sharing a room as I would probably have had to sleep in it, Parky was no help what so ever in fact the more I tried the more he hindered so it was J to the rescue. Thank you so much J. I will even let you have the keys again. (Especially if we can go to another concert)

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