Monday, 4 November 2013

Rest in Peace

Yesterday was the funeral of my Mum, as she was the last of her generation I did wonder if the extended family of cousins will get together again. We all realised that the only time we see each other is at hatch match and dispatch, as there are very few Christening and Marriages these days it just leaves the funeral.
I started this several days ago and have found it difficult to know what to say, she was 90 and repeatedly told us she was ready to go.
Then today I had a phone call from a school friend’s husband to say she had died from cancer, life is such a bitch suddenly you realise that the time we have is precious and every one of us should live life to the full.
So many people spend their time bitching and complaining that they can’t see the Roses let alone smell them.
Tonight I will spend a bit of time thinking of my Mum and my friend; I have so many memories of them, which in turn keeps them alive.
All I have left to say is Rest in Peace, you both deserve that.

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