Thursday, 14 November 2013

Parky has Won, (BUM)

Last night I tried scuba diving at our local swimming pool, it was one of those things that I have had a bit of a yen to do.
When the opportunity arrived I jumped at it, so there I was in swimming costume with my walk the wall t-shirt on that I had bought in China raring to go. The t-shirt is so that the straps of the diving gear don’t dig in.
It took a while to get all the gear on, getting all the straps tight, I was so looking forward to getting under the water and having a go.
But  BUM BUM BUM Parky decided to restrict my leg movements. There was no way that I could move my legs up and down in the water; it was like I had heavy weights on them. When I tried to concentrate on my legs I found I was starting to get upset, the same feeling I get when I try to dance and find my feet won’t go in time to the music.
I have come to the conclusion that having Parkinson’s stops me from multitasking I have to concentrate on one thing at a time, hence using the air tank and trying to get my legs going was just an invitation for Parky to show up.
I am gutted; it had never even crossed my mind that I would not be able to do the basic bit of just moving through the water.

So this time Parky you have won, and that sure is a hard thing to admit.  

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