Saturday, 25 January 2014

Don't Travel With Me

Although it has been a sad time as I have been to a family funeral, I am delighted that I managed to go by train to the south of London. This meant changing trains and of course the underground. I was very confident as a very kind person on the train had looked up the root I would have to take. A piece of cake it was so simple, from Kings Cross the main line station all I had to do was find the underground, I could do that. Find the Victoria line, again no problem. Get on the train going south, well who could get that wrong? And get out at Vauxhall for the main line south.
The trouble was I hadn’t banked on the Victoria line being flooded and somehow this ended up with quick drying cement in it. Honest I am not making it up, some of the electricity wires were covered in cement. Mind you I only found this out later on the television news.
The thing is I managed and Parky didn’t interfere, how good is that? It has given me quite a boost I went to London and back by myself YIPPY. I had spent quite a while traveling all over the place on the underground as I was directed and redirected without  hardly a whisper from Parky.
The funeral went off extremely well as funerals go. It seems that funerals are the place to see old friends and in this case make new ones. I stayed with a nebour who I had never met before and was made so welcome aren’t there some lovely people about.
Talking about lovely people, three of my daughter’s friends who had obviously been primed by her also played their part in making the day easier for me. Thank you girls it was really good to see you and didn’t I warn you that you would be BLOGGED.

On my journey home the train was delayed as the police had to get on and I think they removed someone so if you want a stress free outing it would be best if you travelled at a different time to me.

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