Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Parky and Web Design

I am trying my hand at web design; our local college is doing a course on a Friday morning starting at nine.  I don’t usually get myself going as early as that so I will have to get to bed early on a Thursday night. MUST REMEMBER ALARM ON PHONE. Better put it out of reach as well so I have to get out of bed to stop it maybe change the ringtone to something very annoying and loud that should do the trick.
I had done the first week then came home to play. Never quite as you remember or should I say as I don’t remember it. I am using one of those dedicated sites, simply follow instructions and do a basic web site for my brother who has taken over our parent’s camp site; all I can say is role on the next lesson. MUST REMEMBER A NOTE PAD, and a pen might come in handy.
You are probably wondering how I managed to set this blog up if you haven’t read my very first one. It was easy my eldest daughter did it and I haven’t changed the basic bits from that day. I still have the same colour scheme and I am still sky diving, well only on the photo.
When I get going I want to do one for my local Parkinson’s group, I may even put a link on here then you will be able to see what a happy lot of Parkies we are in Skegness.

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