Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pills Parky or Shingles

How do I juggle pills when I now have a load more to take, I have Shingles so I came back from the Drs armed with antibiotics and pain killers.
I am a bit confused which can be taken together, do I space them out or take them at the same time as my Parky ones????????????
The Dr was very nice he told me it would get worse before it gets better, lovely just what I wanted to hear.
How long do I keep myself away from anyone who hasn’t had Chicken Pox? If I feel bad now how bad is it going to get? That’s just a few of the thoughts going round in my head.
Then to top it all I missed my grandson’s birthday party today at the chocolate cafĂ©, how bad is that, I’m well miffed.
I had to get a friend to get me some chocolate when she went shopping to try and get over it.

Seems like I had better have an early night, I think I am feeling a little dopey, is that Pills, Parky or Shingles? 

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