Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shop on Line

I think I am beating my shingles; the intense pain I have been told that I would get seems to be bearable so that’s a few less pills to take.
I had made a graph so as not to confuse myself; of course it doesn’t help if you forget to fill the graph in. WHAT AM I LIKE?
My spots are not as aggressive now, and I didn’t wake up last night to take pain killers as I have been doing up till then.
I’m also dead chuffed with Parky; I honestly thought he would be in his element. I have even cut down on my Stalevo as I felt I had gone back to staying up late and playing games on the computer. Now that the dose has gone down there have even been a few days when I don’t turn my computer on until I want to do things like this. Yesterday I did our local groups newsletter and then turned off the computer
I’m also hoping that my appetite might improve as I often get a good way through the day and realise that not only have I not had breakfast but I have not had lunch.
Yesterday I decided I needed some food in at least if there was plenty about it might jog my memory so I did shopping on line. Looking at my order it seems that I have gone for puddings and cleaning things with some fruit thrown in for good measure. It’s not the same as wondering around the store looking for inspiration and I am wondering if the bananas I have ordered will be how I like them?


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