Thursday, 5 May 2011

Have I Really Got Used to Parky

Hi, I don’t seem to do this blog as often as I would like too, so does that mean that My Mate Parky has become so much a part of my life that I now take him for granted.
On the days that I become robotic, do I make excuses for the tight grip he has on me? Have I now put the blame fairly and squarely on myself? I know I forget to take the odd pill or two but even after about eight years of medication I still don’t think of myself as a pill person.
If I wasn’t feeling very well before Parky I would take myself off to bed and sleep off anything I had wrong. I used to hibernate myself well.
But boy oh boy I can’t do that now, if I have a lay in and ignore the pill time, I find that the toes on my right foot begins to curl under, and just as I wonder what the heck is happening to me, I have that I DON’T BELIEVE IT MOMENT, Bum I have done it again.
(By the way grandchildren, only nanny can say Bum and get away with it; you will get in trouble with Mum. If you tell her I use that word I will deny everything and blame Parky. Isn’t he useful at times?)
I now realise I am becoming one of the senior members of my family, when did that happen? I can’t believe that I am that old, who’s that crinkly grey haired person that lives in my mirror?
The only senior relative on my mum’s side is her cousin who has come to stay for a week, that’s if they can both stand it.
He is a couple of years younger than her and both are set in their ways, it will be like sorting out a couple of naughty children. I am going to fetch him round to me tomorrow. Or should I say today as I am writing this at some strange time.
I am hoping he can fill me in on some family tree information, so that will keep him amused and give mum a bit of peace.

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