Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thank you Parkinson's UK

This I dedicate to the staffs of Parkinson’s UK who are going that extra mile to try and get us dedicated nurses.
My Dad who had difficulty with his breathing had the respiratory nurse, when she started seeing him he was able to be looked after at home. No more dashing to the hospital by ambulance, no more explaining to various professionals what he was on and why. But best of all less stressful to him.
The problem being that in our area when you ring the Drs for a home visit they are inclined to send an ambulance. With the nurse she got to know my Dad and knew what he needed. She must have saved the National Health Service a lot of money.
 When my late husband was very ill with Cancer, it wasn’t the Drs that we turned to but the wonderful McMillan Nurse, at the start she even had him back at work so he was a tax payer again. Although we had the same practice of Drs when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s they did not know I had not long been widowed.
I think what I am trying to say is the Drs also should be fighting to get these nurses in place as it will be beneficial to them as well.
So a big thank you to people like Chris Sweeney who seems to spend so many frustrating hours trying to get us what we deserve, and I think we do deserve the chance to live our lives to the full which we have more chance of doing if WE ONLY HAD A PARKINSON’S NURSE.  

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