Sunday, 13 November 2011

Olympic Flame

Today in the local paper we have been informed that the Olympic flame is not only coming to Lincolnshire, but would you believe it through the village where I live, how exciting.
I will have to eat my hat or go to the foot of our stairs, as I have been a bit cynical. When it was reported that the flame would come within ten miles of something like 95% of us, I was sure we would be the 5%.
I am delighted to be proved wrong; it only shows what a pessimist I have been.
Skegness which is down the road from me is quite famous as a seaside resort, but no one can say it is easy to get here. We are perched on the edge of the map, not quite falling off it, but the train stops here as it is the end of the line.
My eldest daughter put me forward to carry the Olympic Flame; I know there is only a small chance that I will get picked but it would be great to represent people with Parkinson’s and definitely  one in the eye for Parky.

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