Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Cat on The Mat

Monday evening I play Bingo at a village hall, the pace is slow enough for me to follow and I even managed to win twice. I full house a large tin of biscuits and a line some cheese biscuits. They are stored away nice and safe as the last ones I won Ratty ate.
As I drove up to my bungalow I realised there was something in the porch, I could make out a cat curled up on the door mat. I expected him to vanish once I had parked the car and walked to the front door.  But no there he was a rather large ginger tom, he got up and greeted me in the usual cat fashion, purring and wrapping himself around my legs. I opened the front door and in he went, every room was inspected and then off he went.
Now had he heard about Ratty or is it the reincarnation of someone who is looking after me, as what I really wanted most in the entire world was a reassurance that Ratty had gone.
I think by his calm inspection of every room has called an end of my Ratty saga.

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