Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Enjoyable Day

After arranging to meet up with another group so that I didn’t have to drive to the Parkinson’s meeting in Nottingham I overslept.
Typical I had all my gear ready so that I would not be throwing cloths all over the bedroom first thing in the morning. Pills packed an extra days supply in case of emergency.
I woke to see the time was twenty past seven, bum bum bum, think those are the words I used. 
That was it. I wanted to meet Wobbly William; I knew he was to give a talk about his life since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He does a blog and much much more. I wanted to thank him in person for promoting My Mate Parky.
I am delighted to say I drove myself there and with the help of Billy Connelly on my Tom-tom I made it without a hitch. Billy never tells me off just reminds me it is best if I turn the whole car round and not just myself. He is inclined to brag that without his help I would have been hopelessly lost, well I can live with that as he may be right. The new bits of road give him a bit of a challenge as it looks as if I am taking up a bit of off roading, he goes a bit quiet as arrows go all over the place.
The meeting went really well and it’s great to talk with other Parky People, I very much enjoyed Wobbly Williams talk he is so positive.
I liked the fact that he believes that exercise helps him and has become something of a running freak, he leads by example and that means marathons, think I will stick to dancing for my exercise.
I am worn out just thinking about it. Must get back to my Wii I have a Zumba program that I am keen to try. I have only had it a couple of months so you can see my enthusiasm.
I did need those spare pills; my eyes started to go a bit so I descended on my good friends and spent the night with them, so an enjoyable day was followed by an enjoyable evening.

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