Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I think it is about time I thanked all you nice people who have read my blog on and off for the last year.
I started this to see if it would help me come to terms with my mate Parky. Well you know what even after days when I have been as stiff as a board and have ended up going to bed because I feel like S---. I still find it hard to accept I have Parkinson’s.
Today has been a day when I haven’t been on top form. I invited my friend round for tea as I knew it would make me sort myself out, as I was finishing off our meal I said to her “I think I have Parkinson’s”. Her reply was “Never mind tomorrow you won’t”.
She knows me to well; I have been doing too much. Too many late nights, too much dancing and if I am honest to many glasses of wine.
When I am not so stiff I shall go back to the Me who can’t for any reason admit that this Parkinson thing is something to do with me.
But boy have I enjoyed myself, with a couple of practice Christmases and a birthday under my belt, oh and a New Year celebration, “thank you Mussel for the Happy New Year wish”. I am now ready for the real thing, so bring it on.
Here’s to my friends and family and all you nice people who through your comments have helped me through the year.
It has been a year to remember, especially my trip to China. For as long as I have a memory that works the sights and the people will be with me constantly. Our guide told us that in china we were the oddities and how right he was.  I think we all enjoyed the youngsters who sidled up to us so that they could have their photos taken with us. I know I did and I am also sure that there are quite a few photo albums that I have wrecked.
So Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, I hope Santa brings you all you need and that 2012  will be the year that Parky fades into the back ground for all my fellow Parky People.

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