Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Brother

I have had a good time while away, but have tried to hide quite a few times of wearing off.  To say its BBBBBBBBBBBBB annoying is an understatement.
I think Parky has been around more this holiday than he has been for a while, I did dance but to be truthful I wasn’t always one of the first on the floor and didn’t always stay till the last.
Maybe it’s my age as from Monday me and my big brother will be 64, isn’t that a song. I never thought about getting older when I sang along to that tune, I have just looked it up and it was 1967.
I would have been a little slip of a thing seven stone seven dripping wet, no husband, no children and definitely no Parky.
Looking back was there something that I worked with, something I lived near, something I ate that led me to my mate. I have wondered if all people with Parkinson’s could have a test to see if our bodies have been contaminated if we have more of or indeed less of elements in our bodies than other people have.
Why me and not my twin, not that I would wish this on him. How would he look after me when I’m old and grey, (Bum just looked in the mirror and I am old and grey) by the way that’s something I haven’t told him yet, it’s to be a surprise. He has another year to go before he retires from lorry driving.
It’s rather strange that when we celebrated our 60th birthdays together he still had five years to go before he could retire and I was already retired. (Parky sorted that out).
I have a friend staying and had to use the 111 service as she wasn’t very well, we were told that an appointment had been for her at our local hospital. The hospital is 24 miles away and I knew Parky would hinder my driving, so I had to ring my poor twin and ask him to do the driving. Bless him he came to our aide and so perhaps I should dedicate this to him.
Perhaps he has taken my dad’s place and become my hero, but for heaven’s sake no one tell him, after all these years of scrapping I don’t want him to think I have gone dotty.

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