Sunday, 29 January 2012

Change of Brand?????

While I was away dear old Parky decided not to stay in the background, he must have got fed up by my insistence that he didn’t exist.
I am finding the cutting down of my medication a little annoying to say the least, and it has just dawned on me that when I had to change my Drs my tablets changed brand. I am now taking Ralnea, so is this the reason I am having so many times out?
I can’t believe that it hasn’t dawned on me before, just blamed myself for doing too much. I have seen my neurologist recently so do I wait and see what happens or make an appointment with my Dr. Now to add insult to injury I have been reading in my Parkinson Magazine about the effect of taking some of the Parkinson drugs and the side effects that are caused.
That has to be addictive behaviour that quite a lot of Parkinson’s sufferers end up with. I know that I have said this before, do we go for broke and take the pills or do we go for money in the bank and not well enough to spend it?
I will have to debate that with myself, at the moment I have no idea which side would win.
On a lighter subject I am trying to sort through my photos to decide which one to enter into the Parkinson competition this year, I have gone completely crazy since I had my new Camera and taken some amazing photos.
That’s it I will now spend time reminiscing as I trawl through my photos.

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