Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Before With and After Jim

Life has to move on so I have made my mind up its time to sell up and get myself something smaller.
It will be a terrible wrench; this is where my memories are of Jim. With this in mind I have spent a good part of the day looking at photos and I realize that my life can be put in sections. Before Jim, with Jim, after Jim.
I know when I walk out the door for the last time it will be saying fair well to a chunk of my life, a chunk that has not always been what I had hoped for.
There was Jim's cancer which he fought to the end, I have the last photo taken off him and I can honestly say that at the time I didn’t see him as he looks in that photo. I knew he was very ill but I think it was his personality that shone through and made you less aware.
I should part with it but somehow I can’t perhaps it is there to remind me he had no choice and had to go.
I have cleared the floor of its piles of photos and perhaps it’s a good job that most of my new ones stay on the computer to roll round as a screen saver.
I must organize them so that in the future when I have gone completely GAGA everyone will know who’s who, but then again will anyone care.

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