Saturday, 12 May 2012

What Would a Cure for Parkinson’s Mean to You?

Last night I logged on to Parkinson’s UK site and ended up reading all the answers to the Question they have set. WHAT WOULD A CURE FOR PARKINSON’S MEAN TO YOU?
There have been a wide number of replies from a lot of people. Friends and relations of Parkinson people whose lives have been turned upside by taking on the role of carer. Then there are the celebrities who help to raise awareness of our lives. I am also pleased to see the input from the professionals those people who work in research and are striving to get a cure. Some of them would be out of a job if a cure is found.
Last but by no means least, there comes us Parky people. I realized that we are all on the same wave length, all we want is our lives back to be able to control our bodies our brain and our future.
We feel enormous amounts of guilt because we have to ask for help, this can vary so much from person to person.
Those of us fighting the side effects of our medication would be dancing in the street, well there is one here that would.

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