Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Parky meat Druggy

I have finally admitted to myself that self-help is a very good idea. BUT and it’s a very large BUTTTT I need help.
With this in mind I have rung our new Parkinson’s nurse who is coming to see me on Friday; I think I had a huge sense of relief when he said he would come.
I have felt totally abandoned as all the medical people that I have been with have changed, no one’s fault. As one by one they have either retired or changed where they worked, my Neurologist has quite a few patients and my appointments are about nine months apart. Gosh I could have a child in that time but mind you there would have to be a star in the east.
I truly do not know where to turn as I have no faith in how my medication has been monitored, does anyone understand what it does to you.
Well I am hoping that Friday will be a turning point, the Parkinson’s nurse that I have fought so hard for might be my saviour.
I know I have told everyone that I go to Peru at the end of the month; I want to go away without the side effects. My Mate Parky will defiantly be with me, I can cope with him most of the time but not if he brings his pal My Mate Druggy.
Looks like I have a new Mate, well only new on paper, as he has been around nearly as long as Parky.

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