Saturday, 15 December 2012

It's Getting Closer

I have spent the earlier part of the week hibernating, it seemed the only thing to do with a cold. When I wasn’t in bed I was curled up on the settee feeling miserable, I must be feeling a bit more with it as I am now looking round and telling myself to get into the Christmas mood.
The cough is still with me, I am coughing now but you will of course be saved the sight and sound of that, not a pretty sight.
I went to see my G.P. yesterday as he now has the letter from the consultant, only taken a couple of months so while I was there I told him about my cold which thanks to my dad goes straight to my sinuses. I never know if I can take other meds with the Parky ones. He has given me paracetamol so nice to know what to take on the odd times I want it.
We are having our Parkinson’s Christmas Dinner Monday lunch time so have been helping to sort it out, went and bought 29 chocolate oranges for table gifts, that reminds me they are still in the boot of my car hope they haven’t frozen. It won’t bother me I keep my chocolate in the fridge anyway, but I don’t think I can eat all 29.
Monday Night I go to see Ged Roberts in Sleaford again I do hope the weather stays Ok as my friend and I will be driving there and back at night. Number one daughter wanted to know if I have become a groupie, do you get 65year old groupies.
Well I’m still 64 until next Wednesday so it really is splitting hairs; it will also mean that my big brother who’s all of fifteen mins older than me can retire. He will be around so if he’s a bit board I may help him out I have loads of little jobs that I struggle with.
I think it maybe a case of Parky needs you big brother.

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