Sunday, 30 December 2012

Read This Parkie Book

I have just finished reading Shake Well Before Use a book written by Tom Isaacs. Tom walked the coastline of Britain with and for Parkinson’s.
I am totally in awe of his achievement he not only walked 4,500 miles climbed 3 mountains came to the end and followed that with the London marathon, he also wrote the most riveting book I have read for a while.
He captures the ups and downs of Parkinson’s, the need for medication and what happens when it times out. The people he met and the places he visited come alive; I especially enjoyed the bit about Eric the pheasant.
Lincolnshire where I live got the thumbs up as a friendly place so that endeared him to me, I’m just sorry that in 2002 when he would have walked through my village I was unaware off it.
He has raised huge amounts of money for research and is convinced there will be a cure, who knows I may be saying goodbye to My Mate Parky in the not too distant future. Thanks Tom

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