Tuesday, 18 December 2012

When I'm 65

Tomorrow I reach the grand age of 65and realize that for the last ten years or more I have had the constant companionship of My Mate Parky.
When he came into my life I never thought that he would try to completely take over, he was rather sneaky like a dominant friend. I have had times when he had the upper hand but I have also had times when I came out fighting and won a round, boy does that feel good.
Where did he come from and why was I singled out, there are a lot more facts coming to light which may in turn help us to evict Parky.
1.       Is there a link between Redheads and Parkinson’s (I was born a redhead)
2.       Is there a link between Allergies and Parkinson’s ( I am allergic to plasters penicillin pears soap insect bights and leylandi tree sap)
3.       Is there a link between aerial crop spraying and Parkinson’s (I have had them fly over the place I used to live and seen the spray drift down)
4.       Is there a link between Stress and Parkinson’s ( that I have had by the bucket load)
With this and other theories being talked about at the moment I would think there is going to be many more people who will encounter their own version of my mate Parky.
I also think this is an exciting time to see how the various researches are progressing, who knows before I get to another mile stone the reason I have Parkinson’s maybe found and perhaps there is an outside chance of a cure.

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