Friday, 3 June 2011

Drs Get Rid of Me

I have been with my Drs for well over 20 years and have seen one Dr. for most of the time I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He has been a constant rock for me, I was a bit shaken when I last visited him to find out that he was a few days off retiring. He was good enough to tell me who of the remaining Drs would be the best to see as mine was an ongoing illness.
I was there for absolutely thrown when I had a letter from Lincolnshire Teaching Primary Care Trust and I will quote:-
We are writing to inform you that the practice with whom you are registered with has reviewed their patient list and have advised us that your address is outside of the practice area. This could cause problems for convenient access to the surgery and home visits should they be required. You should seek acceptance by another GP in your area of residence as soon as possible.Your current GP is no longer obliged to visit and treat you unless you have obtained their prior agreement, unless treatment is due to an accident or emergency.
The rest of the letter informs me how to register with another Dr.
I must stress that a lot of Patients have been affected by this, but it has all been done in a very cold and underhand way.
I don’t understand why the letter was not sent out by the Drs themselves especially as the letter sent to me had the wrong initial on it.
I now have to start with not only a new Doctor but also I have to deal with a totally new way of getting my Medication, a new chemist to dispense it. This is also at a time when I am about to try and come off or at least reduce my requip.
So as I have said on many occasions BUM BUM BUM

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