Monday, 13 June 2011

One Day untill China

Well as the song goes” I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it”
I’m going to China, sorry those words are not on the record.
I have been practicing with my SUPER DOOPER CAMERA. It truly is an amazing bit of kit, it has a 24x optical zoom, and so long as Parkie stays off my shoulder I should be able to take some fantastic pictures.
I have had to buy a new handbag today, one that is big enough to take the camera and all the c—p that I need, the odd pill or two, and a drink to take them with.
I have spilled drinks in several handbags in the past, so I have one that will have the camera separate from any drinks.
I got up and packed this morning just one day to go, I am trying to be frugal as I am travelling down to Heathrow by train.
I did have a lift but by booking in advance with my senior rail card it was £17 each way. Then I was sent an email to ask if I wanted to upgrade to first class for ten pounds, that’s on the main line train I of course said yes.
So it’s now time to check what’s left to do, I think I had better mow the lawns and take my tomato plant to my neighbours for its holiday.
But top of list must get some Chocolate to keep me going while on the train.

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