Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nearly Over

I am sat in my hotel room in Beijing. This is my last night in China and I have enjoyed every thing we have done.
We had a bit of a hick up when leaving Beijing to join the cruise, the weather changed and it seemed that we were going to be stuck at the airport as every thing came to a holt as it thundered and lightened.
We had already had our flight changed because of the weather, so I think we were expecting the worst.
We were loaded on to the plane and there we stayed for the next five and a half hours.
My seat was very close to the toilet so every one in the world came past me.
Things got a bit excited from time to time and some passengers elected to leave the plane of course this didn't help as cases had to be unloaded which meant more people got irate.
To cut a long story short we finally flew, got to the boat a day late.

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