Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Album for a Friend

After many mishaps I finally managed to down load my pictures so that I could buy an album on line.
Thank you Jessops for printing it, I will now be able to bore for the England and maybe for the world.
So not only do I have the pictures on my computer but some on disc and now in an album, how sad is that you can tell what I have been doing since I got home.
Oh I forgot to say I also have one as my desktop.
I made a new friend while away in China, he is a delightful character who seems to be on the same wave length to me. YES CRAZZY.
His camera was misplaced, he thought he had lost it but fortunately there it was at the bottom of his case. I did the quite friendly thing in offering to send him some of my photo's.
To cut the story short R your album should be with you tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will like it.

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