Saturday, 9 July 2011

Time to Reflect

My Eldest granddaughter Is 13 today, she will be a teenager and is now getting quite grown up. Over those years life has changed completely for most of my family.
The One person who would have loved to see her growing up was her granddad. When she was due he said to me I know you are excited to be having your first grandchild but you must understand that It is not mine so if I don't get as excited as you that's why.
The day she was born he went to the hospital and my daughter passed her over to him and said here you are Granddad and he was hooked. They bonded and for the rest of his life there was something very special between them.
I have so many photo's of them together, mostly cuddled up and often asleep. She called him Yanyan her version of granddad, and would help to look after him as he became more and more ill.
I think she was born for a purpose, as she helped to extend his life and I am sure he would have been very proud of the young lady she is turning into.
So Happy Birthday H from me Nanny and I am more than sure from Yanyan too.
It is on days like this Jim that I know you are missed but also know our lives were enriched by the wonderful memories that we have of your time as a very special YANYAN.

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