Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'm so Afraid

Well have been home over a week and if everything was going to plan I would have started cutting down on my Requip.
Have I started NO.
Because to be truthful I feel scared of trying. I don't feel I have any back up, my next appointment with the Neurologist is in January.
The Dr that has seen me through thick and thin has retired, and as I have had to change surgeries I have no idea if at this practice there is anyone who has any idea about Parkinson's.
I know I keep on about a Parkinson's nurse but I would feel more confident if I could have a nurse to turn to.
So Blow it I will stay with the pills I am taking who cares if I gamble away my children’s inheritance, what does it matter if I stay up all night, who gives a monkey anyway.
I can forget about getting stiff, starting to trip on the least little thing, and Parky coming back with a vengeance. This of course is what is hanging over me like the sword of Damocles.
We have been rubbing along quite nicely for quite a while. I have found that when he really bugs me it is as much my fault as his so how can I invite him to take over my life.
But most of all I am feeling very very let down, if I as a quite active PD person feel like this what chance is there for any one who needs more help than me???????????????????????????

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