Saturday, 2 July 2011


Well now that the washing has been done, Ironing too that’s a first.
Some of my photos have been sorted and downloaded.
Now I can now try and explain just how much I am delighted that I coped with the holiday and Parky.
He was never too far away and I defiantly found out that I couldn’t take any liberties as he would spoil my fun.
The sights I saw and the friendliness of the people will stay with me for as long as I have a memory.
Two sights that will instantly come to me when I hear China mentioned, are the great wall, if I thought it was magnificent I was proved more than right. The second of course were those awesome warriors.
I was very close to tears as I realised that I had made it after wanting to for such a long time. Later I was a bit surprised but pleased to hear that others had had the same experience.
I will do a first for me and try and put some photo’s in this blog, where I start who can say as I have taken over 500 photos.
I and am waiting for the first victim, I expect some one will be daft enough to say can I look at your photo’s. and then whoopiiiiiii.

I did miss Dad when I got back as I used to buy a book on the places that I visited for him, so that he could feel part of the trip. I bought one of the warriors signed by the farmer who found them, he is only there now for a few hours a day. No photos are allowed he does not like his picture taken. Do you think I am a bit cynical when I wonder if they interchange farmers?
My slide show


  1. Carol, I have been reading your Parky blog for some time. Just finished watching the slide show (am I the first?!) of your wonderful trip to China. Thank you so much for sharing! I admire you for making this dream trip come true. My husband and I took a similar trip in 2002 so looking at your photos brought back many great memories. My PD diagnosis was made in 2009. I really admire you for trekking "out there" on this big trip. Fantastic! Thanks, Ann Walker

  2. Thank you Ann
    I oftain wonder if I just jabber to myself so I was truly pleased to get your message.
    If you would like to send me your email address I would love to be in contact
    All the best Carol