Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 Will this be a year to remember?

The last couple of days have not been my best, but you know what I enjoyed the cause very much. New Year celebrations have left me jaded but then I expected Parky to get his revenge. Yesterday was a day for giving in to my desire to sleep. That meant a lie down then get a bit off washing in then back for a quick nap. This was closely followed by a bit of a sleep.
It must have done the trick as I am more with it today, I have sorted out my car insurance, read the electric and gas metres ready to change suppliers and finally got the information to change my internet provider. WOW watch me go.
I have been wondering if I should carry on Blogging, who reads my gibberish but then again does it matter if no one reads it.
Would I get upset to find no one had clicked on my blog? When I have mentioned to friends that I have put something in my blog the response is Oh are you still doing that?
Then out of the blue I have had an email from a guy called Eamonn O’Connell who has a site called Patient Commando, he wants me to put some of my blogs onto his site sort of retweet them. I must admit I am quite flattered with the invitation; I will have to see what I have written to pick out my least boring items.
This is the second part of this blog as the above never got posted. Make that chapter one and this chapter two.
I have sent him two of my blogs and they are already on his site. The first one I picked was my very first as it explains how I started, the second one that I picked is one that tries to explain to my family and friends that I do appreciate what they do for me but I don’t always show it.
I think the sentiment is perhaps more relevant as time goes by, I constantly go that step to far and insist that I can do everything myself and then I end up letting Parky in.
He’s a nuisance and as I was told today he becomes an unwelcome visitor.    

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