Thursday, 12 January 2012

I will stick with the N.H.S.

Well it is now 2012 can you believe it, I have seen the Neurologist and to be fair he was a lot more stressed than me. I was with him all of 5 mins and I think he gave me a compliment. It was something about the fact that he classes me as a knowledgeable patient who if need be can inform any Drs that I may see about my Parkinson’s.
I hope he is correct and secondly more importantly will they listen.
I have been on the Parkinson chat site and boy are the people there good for a laugh, after telling them I liked dancing I was told that was no problem they would look out for a partner for me.
At the last count the man in question had one glass eye one peg leg and had a dog named wolf, they both bathed every other weekend but I’m not sure if that’s in the tub at the same time.
I was also informed that Parkies have higher pain thresholds’ if that’s the case I should have had it when I had my girls, it sure would have made labour a lot easier.
I have talked to Americans, Canadian, Australians and a few Brits. All wanting to help fellow Parkinson’s sufferers. I didn’t realise that for a lot of people drugs are a no no as they can’t afford them. One person told me they felt terrible as there elderly mum helps with the cost. Then there is the guy in hospital that can’t have his usual drugs as they only supply the unbranded ones.
Well I now realise just how fortunate we are, we may complain about our health service but boy oh boy it will do for me.

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