Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Stiff Stiff Stiff

I am sat quietly in a corner in the bar at my hotel, trying to look very busy typing away on my blackberry, hoping my pill will kick in soon. I know if I join my friends that I will have to explain myself, this way I may be able to bluff my way through. I am stiff at the moment and I know that my words have become slurred that my neck has become stiff and while I have been sat here I have missed the line dancing (bum)
Seems like a quiz going on and I don't care
Done too much today, but I have had a great day. Better try and behave from now on. (What's the chance of that???)
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  1. Wow do I know the feeling of a stiff neck and shoulders...I find myself sitting, standing, walking with my shoulders tensed up and rigid. Then the toes scrunch until they start screaming. But then my bobbling head takes my mind off of all that as I attempt to look somewhat normal (normal? what's that?).