Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ged Roberts

I am now going to try and get my morning requip down again after upping it to cope with Christmas and New year, time out was definitely better but have gone back to staying up too long.
Tonight I am going to switch all this off and go to bed early with a book, so let’s keep fingers crossed that I don’t get so engrossed in the book that I end up reading till all hours.
I will take Ged Roberts with me, his music that is. If you haven’t heard him I suggest you give him a try I find him easy to listen too.
I went on a Rhine cruise and Ged was our entertainer for the trip. I ended up coming home with four of his C. D.s; they are loaded on my little player as well as my computer and have travelled as far as China with me.
I think he soon realised that I would get up and dance at the drop of a hat. Not that you would know!!!!!!!!!!!
So as I was fortunate enough to have two dancing partners he would announce the next song was for me, but of course I also had Parky who tried to cramp my style. He managed to do it but not as often as I expected him too.  He had the led boots but from what I remember he only managed to stop me once. But boy did I manage to rock and roll before he interfered.  
Ged also has his instrumental chill out C.D.s
While listening to one as we were chugging along on the Rhine I felt myself starting to cry, not the best of adverts or then again is it????????????????
Well it’s a good night from me and let’s hope a good night from Ged.
This is a link to him.

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