Monday, 15 July 2013

Accepting Help

The day I realised I had to get help and not try to do everything myself happened not that long ago.
I was trying to sort out my garden and thought my summer house had seem much better days so it had to go. The slabs that it stood on could be used elsewhere in the garden and the space turfed making a nice area of grass for the grandchildren to play.
But as usual I wanted it done yesterday; I thought I would just take a few pieces off the summerhouse just to get things started I had removed quite a few screws and had got the ladder out to start demolishing the roof.
I had a flash of realisation, what the fluff was I doing? The whole thing could collapse or I could fall of the ladder, no one would know I was in trouble and no mobile phone in pocket for this escapade. So I came inside and found my local paper and searched for a man who can. I have given in to having a cleaner once a week and now a gardener, with hindsight I should have done it sooner but then hindsight is a wonderful thing.
By accepting I can’t do all the things I expected myself to do I now have time to do things that are less stressful and keeps Parky from getting his foot in the door.
Do you think I am learning?

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