Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Don't Hold Your Breath

Am I going loopy, it seems I have had to reset passwords all over the place, it is difficult to remember my name let alone what password I used where. There must be something in the pipe line that will be safe and do away with passwords especially for us senior surfers.
My friend and I have booked for an outdoor concert this coming Saturday, what’s the betting that after all this good weather we get a wet day. Just have to keep the picnic dry can’t cope with soggy sandwiches.
We went to a local National Trust house last weekend where there was a Jazz Band playing, it was a take your own chairs and picnic do in the garden. I think I am hooked; the band was fantastic but the weather was a bit cooler than expected. If it had been any cooler I may have had to give in to Parky he doesn’t do cold but I managed and so did he.
I got talking to the lady next to me as you do just as it was coming to a close and she told us about this next one so as soon as I got home I was on the internet. The tickets are now in front of me, not bad going. Heard about it Sunday ordered tickets Monday and here they are on Tuesday way to go.
Friday the local Parkinson’s support group is meeting at the local seal sanctuary, might be interesting for the inmates to get a look at us, so here’s hoping for a fine day. I must remember my camera may get some unusual shots.
Now going to rack my brain and see if I can think of a way to replace passwords. Who knows I might make a mint. Don’t hold your breath.

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