Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Left Pills at Home Again

The Parkinson’s support group that I belong to went to a place called Harrington Hall last Sunday for a musical afternoon.
There were two singers both of them local and boy were they good. It was a hot sunny day ideal for going round the gardens afterwards but this idiot left her pills on the side in the kitchen. I was so annoyed with myself I had been looking forward to a nice amble round such a beautiful place.
I didn’t dare stay much longer than pill time as I knew that I would start to get stiff and I was the driver, so the three people with me had to go home as well. It really was a BUM BUM BUM moment.
It was a bit of a help that I had pill popped just before I left so it got me through the concert it would have been terrible if I had gone stiff while sitting there and not been able to get home. Still Harrington Hall is a nice place to get stranded but the owners would have had a bit of a shock had my mate Parky made himself known.
The concert was in aid of another Parkinson’s group, the subject being “Songs from the Shows” lots of familiar songs as well as a few I didn’t know and as I have said all sung beautifully.
There were a lot of Parky people and it was interesting to see the various symptoms, can I now spot Parkinson’s? I think maybe I can.   

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