Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Today I am waiting around for someone to get my hot water working. I know I should be patient but I do hate not knowing what’s happening.
I want to keep myself busy so that I won’t get stressed, so as I have been saying to others JUST CHILL girl. Do I stand a chance?
I am trying to think what has happened to me since my last blog, gosh I have just looked at my last blog and it is about a month since I did one.
We have had another Parkinson’s meeting this time we had Misty, a lovely lady who had us doing exercises while sat in our chairs. Even though we were sat it was a good workout. When she did exercises to get our brains working that caused a few strange actions, changing from doing right leg and right hand to right hand and left leg even confused the ones without Parkinson’s.
I have my heating engineer YIPPI.
I had a break in Southport with my local holiday club and managed to stay safe and sound, my only mishap was locking myself out of my room and as it was as far away from reception as you could possibly get I rang a friend to ring down to get someone to let me in as I couldn’t face the trek.
I did not let many people know as I am still getting a lot of flak from my little escapade on the Isle of White. (Read 999 blog)
Over the last few months I have been trying acupuncture and also some homeopathic pills, I feel a lot less stressed in fact I was running late for my last appointment and didn’t even worry about it. How’s that for progress?
Heating engineer has gone, now to put everything back in the airing cupboard, maybe a little chocolate break first!

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