Thursday, 3 March 2011

Addiction by Medication

I have very reluctantly admitted to our Parkinson Support worker that I think the drugs I am on are behind my way of life.
She has given me a copy of Drug treatment for Parkinson’s which is provided by Parkinson’s U.K. I now know that my suspicions are correct.
I can as anyone who has read my blogs knows shop for Brittan, I may disguise it by bargain hunting but the compulsion is there never the less.
I have stayed up all night playing games on the computer. I have been caught out by my daughter who spoke to me on yahoo messenger, I didn’t think she would notice as she was travelling and in another time zone, but of course she cottoned on that I wasn’t up early but up late.
I will not divulge my personal relations as both my daughters read this and as one of them would say MUM THAT IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION.
But what do you do, for the first time since I was diagnosed I seem to be doing really well, I no longer have the stress I had when my poor dad was so ill. I am trying to step back from rushing round to my Mums and letting others take over.
Do I admit to the Neurologist that I am worried about my addictions and risk the upset that comes when medication is altered?
I have always had the problem of sickness when my medication is changed so I’m very reluctant to go down that line
I am truly devastated that my wonderful Parkinson’s nurse retired and I don’t have the close affinity with any other professional that I had with her. I could and did talk to her about anything.
I am open to any suggestions that will make my worries less.

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