Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Up All Night

At the moment I am part Zombie like an idiot I stayed up all night, just one of the things that one does from time to time. So now instead of being the good girl I said I would be here I am on day two pottering
I was on my way to bed ( this is second night) when I thought that I had better close the computer down, well then I thought I will just catch up with what’s going in with all the great folks on twitter who like me fight Parky with a pen.

I ended up watching @wobblywilliams and re tweeting it gosh I am even getting the jargon, that got me going so before I go and crash out I will tell you what I have been up to.  

On Sunday morning I went to pay my neighbor my lottery money, as I would be gutted if we won and half the street disappeared without me on some luxurious cruise with a big win. I then took a letter to the next neighbor and came home.

Had to go out later where was my purse now I knew I had it when paying my lottery, but what the heck did I do with it after that.

I have turned this bungalow upside down, in fact it has nearly had a spring clean, notice I said nearly. Every room, every coat, every bag.

I have now stopped credit cards just in case I lost it between one house or another as for the life of me I could not remember coming back in.

I am just so annoyed with myself, and I blame Parky well isn’t that what he is here for?

Well this evening I spoke to a friend on the phone who rather thought that I had gone out in the garden when I got home and if my purse was in my jacket pocket I may have dropped it outside. Well I just can’t stay awake much longer so first thing in the morning I had better get myself out there and hope my nice new purse is sat looking at me or else I may end up doing a spring clean of the garden.

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