Saturday, 26 March 2011

Purse Found

My purse was in the garden, I am very relieved that I have found it, not only is it newish but it’s got my bus pass in it and  I certainly don’t want anyone looking at my convict type photo.
I think I got myself stressed out and that let Parky in, I could feel his grip on me. He had tight hold of my arms and shoulders, and I was feeling quite light headed and not with it. No difference there you say.
I have been on antibiotics for a few days and it started to niggle inside my head, what if they were interfering with my Parky drugs? I tried to look them up on the internet feeding all sorts of strange things into the search engine. That came to nothing so I dialled 111 it’s for when you know that you don’t want 999.
They were absolutely brilliant,  I can’t praise them enough, as I was half convinced that it must be the antibiotics the nurse rang me back and went through all my pills and reassured me that everything  was ok.
I hope that I can now calm myself down and get myself fit enough to enjoy China, I am starting to get excited, so as I said before I must be a good girl, take my pills stay away from stress (is that possible).
Then yippee China here I come

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