Saturday, 5 March 2011

Let Me Dance

I have been reading a lot of tweets on twitter, look at me I have got all the jargon.
Dopadoc has been writing about my second favourite thing dancing, the first of course is chocolate.
Well back to dancing I am hitting the dance floor this evening, though I hope not literally, as I am going out to a dinner dance. I am so looking forward to it.
This time it is posh frocks so I have this amazing little number in red and black, I bought it at this exclusive little shop I know. I think it’s called SENCE.
You have to just catch it right, when there have been some upmarket donations.
I have been to the hair dressers and look quite good for a grey haired old granny. I think the next thing is to soak in the bath with nice smelling things left over from Christmas. Who says I don’t use them?
My shoes have been sprayed inside with something to stretch them so that I can carry on dancing as long as there is music.
I am now off for a pill better keep Parky out of the way, don’t want him to ruin a perfectly good night out

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