Saturday, 16 April 2011

China Preparation

I am so geared to my Holiday in China that I can’t think of anything else, today with the help of Amazon I have ordered a new camera. An all singing all dancing one, let’s hope it is as idiot proof as the write up suggests.
For the first time I will own a camera that has not only a telescopic lens, but also a panoramic setting. In fact I am surprised that it doesn’t make a cup of tea while you wait for that perfect picture.
I will be able to bore so many people when I get back, I may even do a power point presentation for our local support group.
I am also going high Tec and getting a Raspberry, sorry I meant a Blackberry, I know it’s a fruit that I like.  I shall be able to keep in touch with my daughters while away, just to reassure them that the spending of their inheritance is going well.
I am walking around in my new shoes so as to bed them in, don’t want to have blisters while away, I am completely ignorant when it comes to sorting out what to wear while I am away, so if anyone has any good tips, I would be extremely grateful.  

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  1. China - sounds exciting and exotic! My travel advice - I assume China will be warming up but still cold at night. Take clothes easy to wash and not wrinkly after suitcase living. And darker colors to hide dirt etc. Pack light unless you have your own Sherpa! Clothes are cheap in China if you forget anything. Google "packing light for Asia" to get more info and have a fabulous trip! Brian @MeAndPD