Sunday, 3 April 2011

Twin Talk

To celebrate Mothers Day my brother and I took our Mum out for Sunday Lunch, we go to our local pub which does good food. Mum seems to be shrinking away but boy can she eat, she loves her puddings and often plans what she wants way before every one finishes the first course. That’s usually me as Parky is not the greatest table mate.
She always asks every one what they are having before making up her mind and then goes for the same as someone else.
It drives me crazy, what a terrible daughter I am.
My brother is also my Twin, he is the eldest by not a lot, Mum had no idea before we were born that it would be two not one, so after delivering one baby she looked at the Dr and asked him what he was waiting for to be told hang on there is something else.
Well that’s Me, as we were very tiny we were Christened strait away, they had a name for a boy but not for a girl. Some relative suggested that as it was very close to Christmas Carol would be a good name and I must admit I am very grateful to that person. What would they have named me? Ann was added as a second name and only used by my mother when very displeased with me. CAROL ANN what are you doing?
I have been asked if my twin and I have a bond, I don’t know only having him as a sibling I have nothing to compare. I do know that he will always be there for me and I hope he knows it works the other way as well.
He hasn’t got a Mate named Parky but I’m not greedy I will share my Mate with him. The thing is why have I got Parky and my twin hasn’t
If I have got the link right you must watch this,
Twins talking
What did my parents have to put up with?

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