Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lincolnshire County Forum

Tomorrow is Parkinson’s Lincolnshire County Forum, so with the help of my daughter and the satnav I will be going.
I am hoping to hear about what is going on in the wilds of Lincolnshire; will we be getting a Parkinson’s Nurse? I do hope so.
At the last one I went to we learned how fruit flies are being used in research, it was fascinating, but as my brain is on the same level as the fruit fly I got really confused as to how they can see their brains let alone tell what’s happening to it.
It will be nice to see other people who have Parkinson’s that have no intention of letting it rule their lives.   People that want to fight for a cure or just a better life.
So look out Sleaford here I come, and if I remember rightly there are a few charity shops that are worth checking out.
On reading twitter I have just read an item from Kieran Breem, it looks like we Parkinson’s people can rejoice in the fact that we are less likely to get Cancer, you see every cloud has a silver lining.

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