Saturday, 16 April 2011

Love and Other Drugs

I am so pleased that at last I have managed to see the film; I have shed a few tears, laughed a lot, I found the bit at the Parkinson convention very funny, a nice piece of comedy.
Watching it I realised that I am inclined to be a bit like Maggie,  I don’t want anyone to have to look after me, if I accept being looked after it is saying to all and that includes me that I have Parkinson’s. I am not ready to let a man come into my life and look after me, it doesn’t matter how nice he may be, or indeed how much he wants to be there for me.
So it’s me who then runs a mile and I can’t or won’t let anyone get close enough to take me on. Maybe my Jamie is out there and will come and rescue me without me realising and getting stroppy.
Ann Hathaway showed that the start of Parkinson’s tends to be very subtle sneaking up on you, a little tremor when you least expect it, an inability to open things, especially the damn pills.

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