Saturday, 6 August 2011

Help me Reduce my Requip

I have taken that first step to try and control Parky's addictive side.
With a sense of dread I have started to cut down my morning dose of Ropinirole (Requip).
For the last few years I have been taking 20mg in a morning 2x8 mg and 1x4 mg.
When I saw the neurologist and discussed my addictive nature we decided that I would slowly cut out the 4mg tablet and give it a bit of time before I braved cutting down a bit more.
So after putting it off as I was once more on holiday I have now taken the bull by the horns and from the first of the month I have only had 16mg a day. That off course is only one of the drugs I am on.
How will Parky act will he creep back in and once more control my life.
Will I be able to cope with what life tends to throw at me?
Who can I turn too for help?
Is it better to keep my addictions and keep Parky under control?
I am so cross that I have to face this while changing Doctors and not having a Parkinson's Nurse.
I do believe if I had had the back up of a nurse we would have talked things through and maybe I would have been changed to another drug before now.
Its as if I have to face having Parkinson's all over again.

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  1. I understand your frustration! What symptoms do you feel returning?