Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Light ???

I have made the decision to remove myself from facebook, I realise that I spend my time waiting for the next time I get points to play games, I sneak into my computer room when I really should be doing something else and just have a look to see how much time there is left. WHY ? Do I really need to spend my time on such things to the extent that I forget to eat, take my pills and don't go out.
I think I may just have stared to get my life back.
Perhaps the cutting down of the requip is having the effect that I wanted, after dreading what was going to happen when I did.
How do I feel? Well I defiantly know when its time for the Stelevo, but hay that’s good it gives me a kick in the pants, which I need.
I think I am starting to worry a bit about what I am spending which is also good, I may even be able to stop myself from stupid purchases.
Parky has not as yet done anything too drastic, so slowly slowly I may be heading for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Better not get too cocky, but FINGERS CROSSED

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